• Image of Chubby Chubby Beansprout Husk Pillows

Calming Beansprout Husk Pillow -

Beansprout pillows are traditionally made by loving grandmothers in SEA countries as a gift to their grand babies. As newborn babies get easily startled by sudden noises and movements, these beansprout pillows are usually placed over their chest to give them a sense of security when they sleep. As they grow older, these pillows can also be used as a comfort pillow.

Compared to bean fillings which could potentially germinate or decompose, bean sprout husks are light, creates air pockets and hygienic.

These pillows are not compact like ordinary pillows. The pillow casings are intentionally sewn with ample space inside so that the bean sprout fillings can be evenly distributed into a thin layer.

To use the pillow, hold both ends of the pillow and shake it sideways to evenly distribute the bean sprout husk fillings. Gently place it over baby's chest or tummy.

Each pillow comes in an inner white cotton casing and an external patterned pillow case.

Do not wash the inner pillow, but rather sun it regularly to keep the inner filings crisp, dry and odour free. Perfect first pillow for any babies or toddlers and keepsakes!

Approx Size: 19cm x 39cm
Double cases - Pillowcase x 1 , Inner pillowcase with husks.
Approx. weight: 190g (recommended weight)